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English Expressions Using "Come" (1)

Mari kita memperkaya vocabulary, oke.. Jika secara harfiah 'come' bermakna datang, berbeda kasusnya jika kata 'come' ini digabung dengan kata lainnya. Untuk mengetahui beberapa makna gabungan come ini bisa kita temui pada idiom, phrasal verbs, atau English expression lainnya.

Untuk mengetahui makna suatu kata, kita harus sering melatih kemampuan bahasa Inggris kita, khususnya dalam hal "membaca". Dengan semakin sering kita membaca, semakin sering kita menemukan kata-kata unik yang hampir kita tidak mengetahui maknanya. Salah satu kata yang unik dan memiliki berbagai jenis "anak buah" ini adalah kata "come". Langsung saja, ini dia daftar beberapa phrasal verb, idiom, atau other expressions yang menggunakan kata "come"...

  • Come across = bertemu secara kebetulan
  • Come along with = mengembangkan
  • Come from = berasal
  • Come in for = menerima
  • Come between = menjadi perdebatan
  • Come together = menuai hasil
  • Come around = terjadi secara berkala
  • Come into = menerima
  • Come up with = memikirkan
  • Come up against = menghadapi
  • Come forward = menawarkan (bantuan / informasi)
  • Come out with = mengatakan (secara tiba-tiba)
  • Come apart = rusak / pecah
  • Come through = masih hidup (setelah ada pengalaman buruk)
  • Come down with = tidak enak badan. 
Untuk melengkapi daftar ungkapan di atas, mari kita lihat contoh di bawah ini..

  1. Have you ever come across such a horrible person in all your life? (to meet someone or find something by chance)
  2. How is Sarah coming along with her photography course? (to make progress or get better in quality, skill or health)
  3. I'm British, but my parents come from India. (to have your home in a particular place)
  4. Fast food has come in for more criticism from the press. (to receive something such as criticism)
  5. I don't want the problem of money coming between us. (to cause an argument or disagreement between two people)
  6. I've been writing this book for six months, and it's finally coming together. (to finally start to work successfully)
  7. As I get older, I find that my birthdays seem to come around more frequently. (to happen regularly)
  8. She came into a lot of money when her grandfather died. (to receive something – usually money – when someone dies)
  9. We need to come up with a plan that will make us a lot of money. (to think of something such as an idea or plan)
  10. In the first week of my new job, I came up against several problems that had been left by the person who had my job previously. (to have to deal with something difficult or unpleasant)
  11. The National Blood Service is asking for more people to come forward and donate blood. (to offer help or information)
  12. You never know what children are going to come out with. (to say something suddenly, usually something that surprises or shocks people)
  13. The first time I tried using my new camera, it came apart in my hands. (to separate into pieces, sometimes because the object – in this case a camera – has been badly made)
  14. We've had a difficult few weeks, but I'm glad to see we've managed to come through together. (to be still alive, working or making progress after a difficult or dangerous experience)
  15. I don't feel very good. I think I'm coming down with something. (to become ill with a particular disease, but not usually one that is serious)

Keterangan : Kata bercetak tebal adalah "ungkapan" menggunakan kata come; kata-kata bergaris miring adalah keterangan maknanya. Beberapa makna kata "come" di atas bisa berubah; oleh karena itu lihat kamus untuk mengetahui konteks kalimat. Sesuaikan saja makna "come" sesuai konteks.

Untuk beberapa idiom dan phrasal verb "come" lainnya, menyusul... semoga...

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