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Seorang penerjemah, translator, itu harus menerjemahkan apa sih? Nah ini dia Peter Newmark (1998: 133) menjelaskan secara singkat tentang apa saja yang harus diterjemahkan. Yuk kita lihat sama-sama:

I think university students are so used to having to translate untitled and sourceless little extracts that I continually have to remind them to translate everything: in a newspaper article, straplines (across the top of the page), headlines, sub-headings, by-lines, standfirsts (introductory paragraph in bold), cross-heads, titles, sub-titles, cross-titles, the small print anchors (final paragraph in bold), captions, footnotes, and full detail of the source, including date and year of publication, the latter usually at the head of the translation. Mr Bill Duffin of Cottingham reminds me in an opportune letter that the translator must be the only person, apart from the author, who reads and translates every single word of the original, including the title page, back of title page, ISBN number, preface(s), table of contents, list of diagrams or plates, text, appendices, references, bibliography, all notes, epilogue.

Wah, ternyata buanyak juga...

Newmark, Peter. 1998. More Paragraphs on Translation. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters Ltd.

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