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"Karena" dalam Bahasa Inggris

da Jika anda menganggap 'karena' dalam bahasa Inggris hanya 'because' saja, maka anda harus membaca tulisan ini. Sebab, pada dasarnya makna 'karena' dalam bahasa Inggris ternyata banyak sekali. Salah satu makna 'karena' dalam bahasa Inggris bisa menggunakan conjunction (kata sambung) seperti di bawah ini :
  1. As
  2. Because
  3. Because of the fact that 
  4. Due to the fact that
  5. For
  6. Inasmuch as / in as much as
  7. In that
  8. In view of the fact that
  9. On account of the fact that 
  10. Owing to the fact that
  11. On the ground that
  12. Whereas
Kata-kata di atas semuanya adalah conjunction (kata sambung) bermakna 'karena'; artinya, setelah kata-kata tersebut harus diikuti oleh klausa.
Contoh :
  1. They left the party at 11 P.M, as they had to get up early the next day.
  2. I could go to school because I was ill.
  3. Because of the fact that they had made their reservation too late, they couldn't get on the plane they wanted.
  4. Due to the fact that all trains were delayed, the station was crowded with people.
  5. He decided to withdraw from his physics class, for he kept failing the examination.
  6. Inasmuch as no offer has been made to pay for the damage, our company will have to take this case to court.
  7. Both girls are similar in that they love expensive clothes.
  8. In view of the fact that all the able-bodied men were fighting at the front, the women had to do all the work.
  9. He was fired on account of the fact that he had stolen money from the company.
  10. Owing to the fact that not enough members are present to call our meeting to order, we will have to cancel the meeting.
  11. She's suing for divorce on the grounds that he deserted her and the children.
  12. Whereas the rent for this property has not been paid for four months, the tenant is required to vacate the premises immediately.
Kata sambung (Conjunction) dari contoh kalimat yang BERCETAK TEBAL di atas semuanya mengandung makna 'karena'. Meski beberapa di antaranya mengandung arti yang berbeda tergantung konteks yang sedang dibahas.

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