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Dongeng Bahasa Inggris - Legenda Ular Dandaung

Legenda ular Dandaung adalah salah satu cerita rakyat di Indonesia. Legenda ini sering menjadi dongeng wajib untuk anak-anak negeri, lalu bagaimana Ular Dandaung menurut versi cerita bahasa Inggris, mari kita simak bersama-sama :

Once upon a time, lays a great kingdom. The region of the kingdom are rich in natural resources the people of the kingdom are prosperous, because the kingdom is lead by a wise king. Many people coma to the kingdom and lives there. The prosperity is well spread among the people of the kingdom. The other kingdoms are amazed and respect the kingdom because of the prosperity. They are getting some benefits too with fair trades with the kingdom.

Unfortunately, peace did not last long. Unexpected disaster came upon them. They are not attacked by enemies who envied the prosperity and harmony of the kingdom, but by a giant bird that suddenly appeared. The sky became pitch black as the bird's body is very big. Flap wings deafening. Because the invasion of giant bird was so sudden, the people of the kingdom of extraordinary panic. They are confused and do not know what to do deal with that atmosphere. They thought doomsday had arrived. In the blink of an eye, the kingdom was destroyed perish with everything in it. Building razed to the ground. Trees fall. People met death by falling trees or buried in the rubble of their homes and buildings. Like a lost country, which previously fertile prosperous kingdom into an open field. No plants, animals and humans there, accept the king with the empress and the seventh daughter. They are confused and scared, perhaps came the second attack. If that happened, this is the end their history. With the giant bird is easy to see them because not even a leaf weeds can be a place for shelter.

However, they remain thankful to God because they have survived the catastrophe. In the uncertain situation, they were surprised again by events that made them increasingly desperate. I do not know where it came from; all of a sudden a giant snake is appears in front of them. The snake opened its mouth so big and venomous tongue moving in and out of her mouth. King along with the empress and the seven daughters gathered into one group. The king thought, if they should die, at least they die together although as a giant snake prey.

Snake dandaung "Your majesty needs not be afraid," suddenly the snake speak the human language. "I'm not going to interfere with His Excellency, the empress, and the daughters of your majesty, if your majesty granted one of my requests.

The king is surprised to hear the giant snakes could speak human language

"Who are you? What is your wish? "The king asked
"My name is Dandaung"said the giant snake. "I want to marry one of his Majesty's daughters."
The king stunned for a moment, after hearing the request of Dandaung Snake. A giant snake wanted to marry his daughter? It makes no sense to marry a human with a snake. But he did not dare to refuse for fear of consequences.

"I do not deny, but did not receive your proposal," said the king. "I must ask this to my daughter one by one!"

The king asked his daughter one by one. The eldest daughter until the sixth one, refused to marry the Dandaung Snake. The king gets worry about the consequences they will receive if his entire daughter refused.

"I'm willing to be his wife," youngest daughter said to his father

The youngest daughter decision made her older sister mocking her. But her decision is already set and cannot be changed. They soon married.

In their first night, the youngest daughter woke up from sleep. She was very surprised because it was not Snake Dandaung lying on his side but a handsome man. The man said to his wife, "I'm not someone else, I'm your husband, the Snake Dandaung. I am a king who was freed from the curse. "

The king and queen were surprised to see the incident. However, they were proud to him, who is very handsome, and a royal degree. The other princess feels regrets and wondering why they would not want to accept the marriage proposal.

The man also have great skill, a giant bird that destroys the royal can be conquered and killed. He also builds up a new empire, complete with all equipment and buildings. The people come again and live in the kingdoms territory, they believe that living in the new kingdom will make them feel comfort and guarded from the giant birds attack. They also have heard about the king's wisdom and the prosperity of the kingdom in the past. The king now ruled the new kingdom once again. He is replaced by the snake Dandaung in the later time and live happily ever after with his wife.

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