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Jenis-Jenis Adjective (1) : Determiners

Jenis adjective yang pertama, menurut Frank (1972: 109) yaitu Determiner. Dalam grammar, determiner juga disebut sebagai limiting adjective karena fungsinya membatasi kata benda yang dijelaskan oleh adjective tersebut. Dalam hal ini ia menerangkan bahwa, “Determiners consist of a small group of structure words without characteristic form.” Frank lebih jauh lagi membagi determiner menjadi enam, yaitu:

1.   Articles – the, a, an
2.   Demonstrative adjectives – this, these, that, those
3.   Possessive adjectives
            a. From pronouns : my, your, one’s, their, etc
            b. From nouns : John’s, the girl’s, etc
4.   Numeral adjectives
            a. Numeral : four, twenty-five, one hundred, etc.
            b. Cardinal : fourth, twenty-fifth, one hundredth, etc
5.   Adjective of Indefinite Quantities – some, few, all, more, etc.
6.   Relative and Interrogative adjective – whose, what, which

All of these determiners except the articles and the possessive adjectives of the personal pronouns my function as pronouns when not followed by nouns. Personal pronoun have separate forms for the possessive used without a noun—my (adjective) book vs the book is mine (pronoun).
Contoh-contoh adjective (1): Determiners

1.   The book is on the table
2.   Andi is reading a novel
3.   Sally always brings an umbrella when going out
4.   This book is mine
5.   These books are mine
6.   That book is yours
7.   Those books are yours
8.   My book is on the table
9.   Your books are on the table
10. John’s book is on the table
11. The girl’s books are on the table
12. I have four books
13. The fourth book was bought in Spain
14. Some books was bought in Japan
15. I have read all books
16. Whose book did you read?
17. What book do you like?

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